Welcome to Chicagoland's Original Red Dirt Country Band. We are currently working on finishing up our first EP that should be released later this summer. Look for us playing all over the Midwest in the coming months. You can check out a couple of singles off the EP on the music page.

SSC plays private parties, college fraternity and sorority parties, restaurants, bars, music clubs, festivals, corporate events, charity events, biker runs and legendary Honky-Tonks.  When the weather is beautiful, if you are lucky, you may even catch me and the band "busking" the streets of your town.  Please don’t be afraid to drop a lot of cash in the guitar case!

Appearing Live July 25, 2015
1:00pm & 5:30pm
Latest iTunes Release

Our latest release Don't Give A Damn is now available on iTunes pick up a copy only $.99!!


Quick announcement about the change of lineup in 2015 for Six String Crossing. SSC would like to welcome back into our lineup an original member and co founder of the the Six String project Tommy Gleason. With the original visions of the band coming back to life we are expecting the biggest year for Six String Crossing yet.

We also would like to thank Eric Zimmerman for being a big part of the SSC project over the last two years and helping in the success/growth of the band during that time. Thank you again and we wish you the absolute best.

New Endorsement

We would like to thank Clayton USA for welcoming us to their family.

Our New Single  

We just got done recording our latest single "Whatchu Wanna Do" that will be released in the coming weeks. We have been playing this song live and it goes over very well. We can't wait for everyone to hear it!


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